Saturday, December 26, 2009

Definition of Furniture 101

"Are the dogs allowed on the furniture?" Evie asked this afternoon.

"No! Why?" Grandpa responded. He pretends to not like the dogs, and when there are four of them running around I guess I can understand that.

"Well, Russell was on the sofa, and I didn't know... I'll tell him to get down next time," she explained, looking at me as if I should have known to shoo Russell off the couch.

"Oh, that don't matter. The dogs ain't allowed on the tree... the lamps... the tv... that kind of stuff," Grandpa told her and she and I both looked at each other and stifled laughs.

"But the couch don't matter?" She asked.

"Nah. That couch ain't furniture," he clarified.

Charlie Brown Christmas trees are furniture.
Lamps are furniture.
TVs are furniture.
A couch is not furniture.

Thanks for clarifying, Grandpa.
<>< Katie

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