Who Am I?

I am a pessimistic procrastinator.
I am forgiven and loved.

Most people call me Katie, some call me Ax, and many combine the two or call me both. Few know my whole last name is Axelson.

I seek to love God, serve people, and write about it. I want to live a story worth telling.

I can communicate in English, Spanish, and American Sign Language. Sometimes I try to use all three at once. I am hearing. My Compassion sponsored child is in El Salvador. I love her.

In May, I graduated with a BA in English-Writing and Spanish and did not not obtain my MRS. However, I firmly believe God has a man planned for me. Someday our paths will cross, and we will never be the same again.

I am a freelance writer. A Practicing Writer. A Compassion Blogger.

My greatest desire to hear God say, "Katie, you are faithful."

If you take the time to read it, take the time to let me know you've read it.

Welcome and thank you!
<>< Katie

Portfolio available upon request.


Allison.Rose.Wedman. said...

I was just struggling in my life and I googled the lyrics of "Break Through" and your one blog post from September of 2010 I believe, came up. I continued to look on through your blog and read this. I couldn't have been happier. I feel like God led me to read all of these amazing things you've posted. A lot of these posts were encouraging to me in my life right now. Thank you. Keep writing!!!

Anonymous said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing your story. Keep it up!

joyfrancineangeles said...

hi.. nice to know you.. :)

Beth said...

I just found your blog by clicking the "next blog" button at the top of my blog. Random, I know! I am glad I found your blog though! I also like words and writing. And I am a Christian saved by the grace of God.