Saturday, November 6, 2010


The middle school girl across the dinner table from me was lost gazing into space.  Her friend said she was deep in thought.  Naturally, I asked what she was thinking about.  Again her friend provided the answer: boys.  She has a boyfriend but there's another guy she likes.  I've never been there, but I still realize that's a difficult position.

"You know that one thing all guys want?"  the girl asked.

I nodded, carefully choosing words as we embarked into dangerous territory.  "If he does not respect you, then he is not worth your time," I said.

She nodded and told me about her purity commitment.

"One day you will find a man who respects you as a woman," I continued.  "One who will honor your commitment and your relationship with God.  Maybe he'll even share in them.  You will find a man who treats you right.  Do not settle for anything less."

She nodded.

There was no point in continuing my sermon.  It was something she already knew but needed to hear again.  Likewise, I needed to say it again.


Acolyte said...

hi Katie! wonderful story :) you made such a powerful point so simply. it's so sad that girls want attention so badly that they will put up with guys who really don't care anything for them. very nice blog :) it is such a fun read. i love coming across other bloggers who are compassion sponsors. what a blessing :D

Casey said...

Perfectly written, perfectly reminded. :) I <3 you!