Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Carpenter's Hands

You can tell a lot about a person from his or her hands.

When this was first brought to my attention, I immediately thought of my grandfather.  I thought about the hours I spent as a child lotioning his rough carpenter hands.  I thought about how appalled my child-self was that he let his hands get so chapped and cracked.

I look down at my own hands now and realize my child-self would be appalled.  Calloused from holding a pen.  Blistered from raking leaves (yes in December).  Red and rough from the cold, despite the gloves.  I thought about the abuse they receive throughout the day.

Hands vital for communication.  Hands that fidget.  Hands ready to hold.  Ready to perform.  Hands that spell "Hi!" with veins.  Hands that are washed way too often.  Hands that work just as easily in polar fleece gloves as they do independently.  These hands hurt.  These hands are cold. 

These hands don't care.  These hands will do their best for God's glory.  These hands were made to praise Him.  These hands were made to serve Him.  These hands may have to work slowly, but these hands will work and He'll get the honor.

As a child, I never wanted to have the hands of my grandfather, the hands of a carpenter.  As an adult, I want to be the hands of a carpenter, Christ Jesus. 

A carpenter's hands are beat up, bruised, and rough. When I say, "Lord, I want to be Your hands" am I willing to be beat up and bruised?  Am I willing to accept that life will be rough?  Am I willing to accept the scars?

If you can tell a lot about a person by his or her hands and we are called to be Jesus's hands and feet, what are we saying about Him?

<>< Katie

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Guinevere said...

Aw, very cool thoughts today!