Monday, April 20, 2009

Explosions and Hosanna

Two funny stories for today:

This afternoon, my friend Brittany and I got our dinners and sat outside on the steps to the chapel. Brittany offered me some of her pudding, and I said I was full; if I ate any more I was going to explode.
"I want to see that," she said. We were teasing about it, and as if it was planned, I burped. "Well, I guess there it was."
"Thanks," I said, looking to the sky. Boy does our God have a sense of humor. :-)

The second story was from last night.
We were practicing and interpretive dance to the song "Hosanna" by Hillsong. During one part, we bow down to the Lord. Well, of course, whenever you get a group of college students together (especially late at night) we get a little silly. While we were bowing, David grabbed a branch he found on the ground. A palm branch. Yes. David bowed to the Lord waving a palm branch and singing "Hosanna." This is the week after Easter not the week before everyone. :-) I still love it!

I also love that Hosanna means "Save now." Not "Save sometime" nor "Saved" nor "Maybe save." No. "Save now." Our God is saving us now. Not past tense. Not future tense. Nothing. Save NOW.

<>< Katie

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