Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

I hope you spend your Independence Day remembering...
Remembering that freedom isn't free.
Remembering those who gave up all of their tomorrows so that we can be here today.
Remembering that the Fourth of July isn't about parades or even fireworks but about the those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.
Remembering the battles fought, the blood shed, and challenges overcome to make this country what it is.

I won't be mad, though, if you spend today remembering...
Remembering all the stupid stuff you and your family friends have done on the 4th in the past.
Remembering the time that ...
Remembering how life has changed over the past twenty years.

Take a minute to remember.

And be sure to remember the Lord who's been with you through it all.
<>< Katie

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