Monday, August 3, 2009


I have a new favorite games: Bananagrams. It's basically like Scrabble but without the board, you play off your own letters, and you can rearrange. To me, the best part is flipping over your tiles for the first time and seeing what kind of crazy words you can make. I also love it when you're so frustrated you start rearranging insanely and are amazed and some of the words that pop up. Those words weren't there thirty seconds earlier, but now all of the sudden you have huge words like "Taxation" or "Planet" or "Quiver". They all appear.

In the same way, after you're looking at one thing (or aspect of life) in one manner for eons, it looks boring. You seem to feel like there's nowhere to go, no way to change, nothing. Yet if you rearrange a bit, break the rut, and suddenly all sorts of new options appear!

"I don't expect God to speak to me through that metal pole." - Jonathan
"BUT He can!" - Katie

<>< Katie

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DannyOlePirt said...

Have you ever played speed scrabble? I think it's similar to Bananagrams, but I don't actually remember how to play so that might not actually be true. I just remember it was a boat-load of fun.