Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Indecisiveness Leads to Skinned Knees

After going to a meeting that is really next week, I was carrying a stack of papers, water bottle, and camera while I rode my bike back to my apartment today. I had a decision to make: take the sidewalk or the road. It's up and hill and the two are not parallel in this area. Yesterday, I took the sidewalk and didn't quite make it up the hill. Today I couldn't decide if I wanted to take the road or the sidewalk.

Road? Sidewalk? Road? Sidewalk? Road?

As I created a pros and cons chart for each option, I continued to race towards the intersection. I finally decided on the road, but then I noticed the road has speed bumps. I changed my mind and opted for the sidewalk. Unfortunately, it was too late to decide, and I met the grass, rocks, and sidewalk up close and personally.

Luckily, only two people saw (or admitted they saw). Of course, they're two people I don't know, so I will forever be ingrained in their brains as the girl who can't ride a bike. My ego and knees are bruised, but I'm OK. My bike, took a harder fall than I did; the chain fell off.

Several hours later I was talking to my friend Hannah about this mishap and about another problem I've been facing. I'm trying to decide which ministry to join this year. There are two and I can't do both (or I'll be over committed). One minute, I'm game to do one, and the next minute I change to the other one.

This? That? This? That?
Road? Sidewalk? Road? Sidewalk?

It was kind of as if God said, "Either is fine, but you'd better decide before it's too late and you wipe out completely. Oh, and don't change your mind either."

Well, folks, let's go ride a bike!

<>< Katie

PS: For those of you who are wondering: yes, I was wearing my helmet. No, the papers did not go flying everywhere. Yes, the chain is back on my bike thanks to Daddy Delaware.

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My name is Amber said...

yay for daddy delaware!! LOL that made me chuckle :)