Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cicada Prayers

On Friday night, six of my friends and I hiked to the top of the mountain around midnight. The walk up was strenuous, we were exhausted, but we made it to the top. To stand at this lookout point and admire God's beautiful creation lit up by the moon is worth every bead of sweat.

While we were up there, we snacked, talked, teased, took photos, prayed, and sat in silence. Sitting in silence, my friend Sarah and I had very similar thoughts, so instead of separating them, I'm just going to share them both.

Sitting at the top of the mountain, we could see other mountains carved by the hands of our Creator. We could see cars racing down the highway each containing God's precious children. We could see the moon to light up the night. We could smell the trees, taste the leaves we ate, and feel the cool breeze flowing across our sweaty bodies. Most of all, We could hear the countless cicadas singing their praises.

Sitting in silence, the cicadas hum rang through the air. It was like every single one of them was having a conversation. Conversations here. There. In the distance. In front of my face. Everywhere! It was so easy to get wrapped up in the cicada conversation and fail to notice the bright moon lighting up the world. Likewise, we get so caught up in the day to day hustle and bustle that it's easy to forget about our Eternal Moon. (Has God ever been called an Eternal Moon? Now He has).

Also, Lord, may we always be able to hear You as clearly as we could hear the cicadas that night. May daily life never drown You and hide You, the magnificent force lighting up the world.

<>< Katie


DannyOlePirt said...

You know I'm a pretty big doubter, but I have to admit that when I'm in situations like you describe, out in nature being surrounded by the wonderful world of the great outdoors, it's pretty hard for me to deny that there is obviously some greater power at work in this world. :-)

Katie said...

I think it's impossible to look at something so elaborate and beautiful and not realize it was perfectly designed. :-)