Sunday, September 6, 2009

Katie, Come This Way

There are certain people in my life that when they address me by name and give me a command, I've learned it's generally a good idea to listen to them. Even if what they're telling me doesn't really make sense, I still try to follow. Normally, their command is from God, whether they realize it or not.

This weekend, I was at a retreat and I was unsure how to get from the cafeteria to where our next meeting was to be held. I wandered over and asked people who should know. We all just had a guess, but Neal pointed about twelve or one o'clock (if we were the center of the clock, it was point to where twelve or one o'clock would be). He explained you go behind the next building and angle that way. He then pulled out the map and explained where we had to go. Ok, got a rough idea of the direction I'm headed, straight that way, dodge the buildings, maybe rent a helicopter.

A little while later, when we were leaving, all of my friends headed towards the door at one o'clock (the direction we were told to go), but Neal headed to nine o'clock. What? Ten minutes earlier he'd pointed straight ahead, said, "Go that way" and now he's telling me to go a different direction. I hesitated awkwardly unsure exactly where to go.

"Katie, come this way," I heard from behind me. Neal was standing there watching me try to decide where to go. I must have had a confused look on my face when I turned around because he quickly explained. "If they go out there, they'll have to weave around on the sidewalk. This way is a straight shot."

Wait a second. You just pointed "north" and now you're telling me going "west" to get "north" is a direction shot? This doesn't make sense. But he's one of those people I described earlier, so I followed.

Well, needless to say Neal was right. Our path was straighter than theirs and we got there sooner. (We also had better conversation along that way, but that's beside the point).

God does the same thing. He gives you a glimpse of where you need to be (go that way, dodge the buildings, maybe rent a helicopter), and then leads you in a totally different direction. Thinking your way is going to be better, you argue and try to blaze your own trail, only to eventually follow and realize He was right all along. (The conversation is better His way, too).

I'm sure Neal would like me to point out that he is not God. He could have very easily led me astray and gotten us lost. However, I have reason to believe that he would have (eventually) gotten us unlost, too. God, on the other hand, will not get you lost, but when you get yourself lost, He's there ready to do an excellent job of getting you unlost.

In Christ,
<>< Katie
"Jehovah said to mankind, 'Where are you?'" Genesis 3:9 (as told by Neal)

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