Friday, September 24, 2010

Communication Breakdown

When you're a college student and you get into a twelve passenger van with other college students, you have no option but to play traveling games.  Even if your ride is only to Wal-mart.

We played a word game where every person had to come up with an entire sentence where all of the words began with the same letter.

Guess who had Q and V... yours truly.

Luckily, I'm an English major, so I didn't have too much trouble coming up with "Quiet Queen Quinn quilted quickly" and "Violent Vincent viciously vexed Vanessa."  I pity the person who had "X" because there were no verbs in the English language that begin with the letter "X" (except for "Xerox" which really is a noun that has become a verb).

On the way back we played the game were each person says one word and we have to form a sentence/story. These were our sentences:

"The ant pooped on Kevin's teeth which were brushed not ever."

"Gardener Sammy went to the treehouse to hang the ant that poop with his face."

"Sarah ate her hair because it looks delicious."

"Focus went to a sleep where they dreamed about telephone poles and maracas beating cows named Ernest and Rhubarb."

"GiGi Stamey lost the bra during his emancipation proclamation while he ate bananas and apricots."

"Fire-hydrant Bob loves water colored yoyos and hula hoops named Elmer and Fudd."

"Green grass beans grow gloriously after rain doesn't come generously in fact snow doesn't appear melted astronomically because they ran out."

"Dictionaries are stupid unless donkeys appear bloodied messy with orthodontists on its head."

"Flags twirl vexingly America enjoys laughing foreigners with animals that can't race."

Yeah, the first few made sense but after that good luck, right?

When you say a word, you anticipate what the rest of the sentence is going to sound like. Unless there's some cheating, that doesn't happen.

When you surrender your day to God, you kind of anticipate what's going to happen. Typically, that doesn't happen. Being obedient to His plan is not throwing a fit and saying, "That doesn't make sense!"  Except to Him, it makes perfect sense. He understands why the weird things happen.

Do you trust Him enough to be obedient to His obscure plans? I think that's something we all need to ask ourselves daily.
<>< Katie

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StorytellERdoc said...

What a memory you have! Brings me back to traveling as a family when I was young--"I'm going on an airplane trip and with me I'm taking a..." and then we went through the alphabet. You are right, X is the hardest by far!

Have a great weekend, Katie!