Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Nikki came up to me the other day and genuinely said, "Katie, I just want you to know that I love you.  I know I pick on you a lot, sometimes too much, but I love you." 

I told her I loved her, too, and went to give her a hug.  As I got close, she burst out laughing.  She backed away from me and kept laughing.


She didn't say anything.  She didn't have to.  It was then that I remembered I have blue lines running across my face.  I was in an event on campus where I let the freshmen paint blue lines horizonally across my face.

Well, I came home and wiped them off with paper towel and water then a make-up remover wipe and saw a huge difference, but I still had blue lines across my face. They kind of looked like veins. So I hopped in the shower, used some soap, some eye make-up remover...

Now my face is so dry it's ready to fall off, but the blue lines ain't goin' anywhere.  And Nikki's laughing at me immediately after apologizing for picking on me incessantly.

<>< Katie


Casey said...

I vote pictures be posted. Facebook, your blog, SOMEHWERE. And I think I'd be laughing at you too, along with Nikki. Maybe she was laughing WITH you, you just weren't laughing yet... ;-) Love you, friend! :D

Anonymous said...

I had orange sharpie lines on my face the first day in New Orleans..but Emily made me remove them. :(