Friday, March 30, 2012

Famous (Ghostwriting Part Two)

Open mouth. Insert foot.

That's what I did a few days ago at one of my freelance jobs. One of my new colleagues was telling me about the tongue-in-cheek book he's going to write. I opened my big mouth and told him I'll ghostwrite it for him.

Big mistake.

For the rest of the day, I heard him going up and down the hall telling people he not only had a new friend (me), he also had a ghostwriter (me). Up and down the hall people shook their heads and told me to run.

"Katie, my book, it's going to make you famous," he said.

We laughed, and he went off to work on "his outline."

I went back to my work with two juxtaposed ideas rolling around in my head: ghostwriting and famous.

Those two words don't really go together. Ghostwriters don't ghostwrite to get famous. Most of the time they don't even get credit (or get very little credit).

When a book, article, letter is well done, the ghostwriter is invisible. The ghost strives to match the author’s tone, voice, pattern of speech, thoughts, ideas, etc. The ghostwriter is less so the author is more. The ghost's job is to make the author look good.

I have no problem with ghostwriting because I am a ghostwriter. Yes, pieces I have written have been published under names that are not mine. But even this blog post with my name signed at the bottom is not my own.

The goal of a ghostwriter is to become invisible. As a Christian, should that not be the goal of my entire life: to be invisible so that my Heavenly Father is visible? Should I not be less so that He is more? Should I not do everything I can to make Him look good?

The reality is, we are all ghostwriters.

If we label ourselves Christians, people of Christ, we are ghostwriters, ghost-teachers, ghost-preachers, ghost-truck-drivers, ghost-singers, ghost-firefighters, ghost-painters, ghost-nurses, ghost-accountants, ghost-whatever.

Our job, no matter our career, is to be invisible to make Christ visible.

Whether my name is on it or not, everything I write is ghostwritten because it’s not for my own glory but for the One who deserves it. Every blog post, every novel, every letter, every article, every press release… they are all pieces written for His glory.

I am but a broken pen in the hands of the Author of Life.

It is God who has given me a talent and passion for writing. It is God who has given me the amazing opportunities I’ve encountered. It is God who has give me life and breath.

How could I ever even think about writing for myself?

<>< Katie


Anna said...

Love this connection between ghost writing and being a follower of Christ! Great job!

cee said...

This is very true! As a christain, I'm a ghost writer too:)! Thanks for sharing.