Friday, June 6, 2008

Dental Floss

I have a confession to make: I don't floss my teeth very often. Er, that's great, Katie, why do we care? Well, see, last night I had this urge to floss, but I couldn't find any. I looked in all of the cabinets in the bathroom and still no dental floss. I knew my floss was downstairs in the dining room (don't ask), but surely one of the two other people with whom I share the bathroom would have some. Negative. All of my searching ended in vain. Instead of going downstairs to get my floss, I gave up and went to bed.

Sometimes we all get like that with our Bibles, yes? You know it's good to read it. Your intentions are good, but you can't find it. Or, you know where it is but are too lazy to go get it. What if you start reading, in Genesis (because after all the beginning is a very good place to start). Exodus isn't too bad, but then by the time you get to Leviticus you're losing focus. Numbers? Forget it! That's like playing math. Anything that translates, "These are the names" can NOT be entertaining... Deutero--what? Maybe starting at a different beginning is better: try Matthew. Mark's short. Luke's detailed. John's loved. Before you know it you're four books in and you're still reading about the life of Christ! :-)

Just like brushing your teeth is good, reading devotionals is good. But flossing is harder yet better, just like reading the Bible.

Oh, and I recommend reading the Bible more than I floss. It's healthier that way.

These blogs are getting weirder and weirder, sorry! (Our God is creative; I'm just tellin' ya what He told me...)

In Christ,
<>< Katie

"Who has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace. This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time." 2 Timothy 1:9

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