Friday, March 27, 2009

Clue Number One

On March 21, my friend Jonathan celebrated his birthday. Even though it's late, this still calls for a clever Jonathan story... that requires a lot of thought. Just kidding. :-)

While stories like the orange construction cone and "famous last words" will always have a special place in my heart, I decided on a different story. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Jonathan was one of the people who went on my mission trip to Mississippi several years ago. Our entire group (and several hundred of our closest friends) slept in the church sanctuary. Jonathan and his dad each pulled two pews together and formed beds for themselves. My mom and I slept on an air mattress next to them. One night, I was in bed, and I rolled over to see six-foot Jonathan STANDING in bed trying to get out of the "house" (that's what we called the area where the 15 of us were sleeping...). Unfortunately we were packed in like sardines in a can, so the only way out was to step on someone's head or to walk across the pews.

Since I'm the silliest at night (being with Mom didn't help, of course), I couldn't resist the urge to voice my comment regarding the situation.
"You're STANDING on God's couch!"

I wanted to pull the "teacher card" and be like "Do you stand on your own couch at home? Then don't stand on God's couch either." Actually, I found the whole situation hilarious. And "You're standing on God's couch" is one of those lines that will always make me laugh.

In writing that, I thought of another funny story...

Jonathan and I were in his living room writing a song. There's a huge window in the front of his house and the weather was overcast. His mom came in and said,
"Dad just called and thought we should know we're in a tornado watch."
"Ok. Let us know if it becomes tornado warning," Jonathan responded and we went back to song-writing.
Tornado watch? No big deal.
Tornado warning. Good to know.

<>< Katie

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