Saturday, March 28, 2009

Musical Hallucination

God likes to speak to me through music. I've awful at learning music, but I love to learn from music. I am almost always having a musical hallucination. It's only fitting since my twin brother, Nathaniel, is a worship leader. Well, tonight, Nathaniel was leading worship and for some reason the PowerPoints did not match what he was singing (this is actually a frequent occurrence, for those who've worshiped with Nathaniel). This time the PowerPoints were wrong, not him. So he told us to just listen (actually, I heard him say, "Sing with me now" when there were no words... I later learned he'd said, "I'll sing now."

There we are, singing a popular worship song, and the audience participation is flopping because the PowerPoint is messed up. How often do we sing that song? Every week? Every two weeks? Either way, if we sing along every word on a regular basis when the PowerPoint is up, yet we can't sing it at all when the PowerPoint is missing, how much attention are we really playing? Are we so focused on our singing to God that we're missing what we're actually saying to Him? One thing I'm trying to do lately, is actually read the words you're singing. There are a lot of lines that are suddenly clarified. There are a lot of lines that are really hard to sing, lyrically. Give it a try this week.

In Christ,
<>< Katie

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