Saturday, November 21, 2009

Come Alive

"What are you doing?"
"My spirit is praising."
"Well your spirit needs to tell your body to come alive because the two are not communicating very well."

Mark Schultz said this to his wife one day after she'd worked 30 hours. She came home, and Mark was playing piano. Standing there she lifted her arms just a little bit and looked half dead.

How often do we do the same? Look half dead but are still praising? It's much easier to be physically and spiritually dead and go to bed. Nope. Come alive; come alive.

"Bring your broken unto Me lift it up and you will see that a love can make a heart that's been defeated come alive; come alive. My love is stronger than your weakest moment my grace is greater than your worst mistake no matter where you've been I'm waiting at the end of your weakest road." - God (Through Mark Schultz's "Come Alive")

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