Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mishap of the Waffle Maker

This morning in the caf, where I failed to find a bagel, Spencer made a waffle. Or tried to make a waffle. Failed miserably at making a waffle may be more like it. His "waffle" (for lack of a better term) was in shambles on his plate.

"Are you still going to eat that?" Nikki asked a table over. There were only ten people in the whole caf, so it didn't really matter if we all had one conversation.

"Yeah," Spencer said with a smirk. After all, he'd taken the time to make the waffle, might as well eat it.

A few minutes into eating his breakfast, a caf woman walked all the way from the waffle maker to Spencer's table with a smile on her face and a plate in her hand. She put the perfect waffle in front of Spencer, picked up his waffle shambles, and discarded them.

It took her maybe thirty second to pour the waffle in the maker. I'm sure she didn't stand there and wait for it to be ready. Then it was done she spent a minute to successfully remove the completed food from the maker, walk it to Spencer, and take his garbage.

For her, it was two minutes. For Spencer, it was breakfast. For me, it was the opportunity to watch a random act of kindness.

I'd love to see more of them! (Especially with this new revival on campus)

<>< Katie

PS: Short enough? :-P


Anonymous said...

Woah. That's like a sermon from HCLC from a few weeks ago. :D

Anonymous said...

Awww, that's cool. Oooh, thanks for reminding me about waffle makers. I forgot that CUW even had one.