Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dear 2011

Dear 2011,

The ball has dropped.  My school friends have all welcomed you with open arms.  They say your first five minutes are great!

But I'm stuck in the past.  It's still 2010 here.  My pomegranate martini has yet to be concocted.  We're having our pizza dinner in my grandparents' kitchen as we wade out the last hour.  We smell like bowling alley.  It's tradition.

Yet I can't help but wonder, where will I be next year?  What will you bring me, 2011?  An apartment or must I hang that new Christmas wreath on my bedroom door?  A job?  More school?  A pair of lips to find mine at midnight?

One this is certain: you bring change.  "The other home" will no longer be a three-bedroom apartment with five of my favorite girls.  Will "the real home" still be the purple bedroom I outgrew years ago?

I saw a poster on clearance at Hobby Lobby that read:
Change: It's not only inevitable; it's vital to survival.
I should have bought it. 

We're ringing in a year of change.  We're trust falling into the arms of God.

May you, 2011, draw us all closer to Him.  Always.

Be nice to us 2011. 

We come with fear; you bring the unknown.
We come with trust; you bring His grace.
We bring ourselves; you let Him do marvelous things with all that we are.

(I would say, "Love," but I don't know you yet, but I could love you if I knew you)

and the rest of the Ax Family


Anonymous said...

I tried to find the "like" button but then I realized this isn't Facebook. :)
Great post! Definitely things we all need to think about.

Amber said...

okay...this kinda makes me sad....home is changing. Graduation year is here...AHHHH how did this happen??

Casey said...

What a great post to start 2011! :)

Anonymous said...

As to Melissa's comment I agree!! I think blogspot should have a like button.