Friday, March 11, 2011

The Tennis Racket

"I carry more to class every day than I pack when I fly across the country."

It's true.  But last week Thursday when our campus minister Neal asked me to bring my suitcase to his office to help prepare for our upcoming mission trip, I protested.  I didn't want to walk fifteen minutes across campus with my suitcase.  I don't usually fly with a suitcase, and I definitely wasn't walking to class with a suitcase.

On Friday, when we were meeting as a mission team Neal said, "I heard some of you care too much about your pride to walk all the way to my office with a suitcase."

He didn't have to say, "'Some of you' means 'Katie.'"  I knew.  He knew.  In case Neal's subtle reminder to keep my pride in check wasn't enough, God took care of it. 

Monday my gym class made the mid-semester switch from badminton to tennis.  For the rest of the semester, I get to carry around a tennis racket all day twice a week.

Really, I'm ok with it because it means I get to play tennis twice a week, but after about... oh, fifteenth time answering the "Why do you have a tennis racket?" question, it gets a little old.

Has your pride made unexpected appearances today?

What is your "tennis racket" to carry around today to make sure the pride stays in check?

<>< Katie

Update: Neal weighed my backpack today... 25lbs.

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Anonymous said...

Hehe. The first line of your post is the story of my life.

And you have gym in colidge?