Saturday, October 22, 2011


Yet I am lukewarm.

(This is post is in response to my Thursday declaration to never want to be lukewarm).

In the book Crazy Love author Francis Chan devotes an entire chapter to profiling lukewarm people.

Here are my interpretations of Chan's points:
1. They do what is expected of them, what "good Christians" do.
2. They tithe when it's comfortable.
3. They do what is popular rather than what is right.
4. They aren't sorry for their sin; they are sorry for the repercussions of it.
5. Their hearts are moved by radical stories yet their feet remain stationary.
6. Fear of rejection keeps them from sharing their faith with everyday people.
7. They compare themselves to the secular world.
8. They only let Him be part of their lives rather than their whole life.
9. They love Him but not with their whole heart, soul, and strength.
10. They love themselves more than they love others.
11. They are limited in how they serve others, holding time, money, and energy limits.
12. They focus more on everyday life than eternal life.
13. They're thankful for their life luxuries and do not consider giving everything to the poor.
14. They do only the minimum.
15. They're concerned with safety rather than being willing to risk and sacrifice for the Lord.
16. They are content, secure.
17. They structure their lives so they don't have to live by faith.
18. They don't live drastically differently from non-Christians.


I guess I am lukewarm.

I do what is expected of me out of obligation not out of passion for the Lord. I do the "good Christian" things but not always because I want to. It's hard to throw a dollar, ten dollars, twenty dollars, fifty dollars in the offering plate when there's nothing headed into the wallet. It's hard to financially support my friends' mission trips when I'm unemployed. I am a crowd follower. I apologize, repeat the offense, and apologize again... for getting caught. Stories touch my heart, blogs change my life yet I don't change my actions...

I could go on.

Is there something (or somethings) on that list that punch you in the gut?

But what are you going to do about it?

It starts with me.

Hot, not lukewarm,
<>< Katie

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