Sunday, November 27, 2011

Why Not Today?

"You need a new phone."

I've been told that regularly for the last two years. They're right: I do need a new phone. When I started college the question was always, "Is that the new model?" Now that I've graduated, same phone in pocket, the question has become "When do you get an upgrade?"

They want me to make the leap into the twenty-first century and go from a dumb phone that only texts and calls to a smart phone that does everything except brush your teeth for you.

"With as much time as you spend on Facebook and Twitter, you're going to love it!"

That's what they all say. And they're probably right. I wish I could Tweet on the go, always had my email at my fingertips, and my text message inbox didn't remain at 98 percent full. The upgrade won't break my budget and the thirty dollars a month data plan is feasible.

Weeks of second-guessing and questioning led up to the moment when I signed the check. Knowing full well what I was doing, I handed it to Brent. He handed me a receipt.

Smile* was mine.

My check was not for thirty dollars. It was for thirty-eight. If I could feasibly pay thirty dollars a month just to have the internet with me wherever I went, how could I not spend thirty-eight dollars a month making sure a child had food?

For years I have been the primary letter writer for Maria, our family's sponsored child in Columbia. That means the misunderstanding about us having fourteen grandchildren... yeah, I'm culpable.

I knew someday I'd sponsor a child through Compassion. The question that ragged on my heart was: Why is that someday not today? I was out of excuses.

For a dollar and twenty-five cents a day, I can provide Smile with food. That's not even the cost of one cup of coffee. That's one small fries from McDonald's.

Let's be real: I don't have a lot of money. But I have enough. I'm not worrying about going hungry. Smile is.

Katie: God, why are you providing for me but not for Your children in third world countries? Is food not a necessity?
God: I am providing. Katie, I am providing you.

It's going to be a sacrifice. I want (borderline need) a new phone, but it's going to have to wait.

There's a little girl in El Salvador who needs an education. She needs medical care. She needs hope, esperanza. She needs to know someone cares. That someone is an unemployed hispanohablante in the US. That Someone is her Heavenly Father.

Why not today?
<>< Katie

*not her real name

PS: This is my story of how God led me to child sponsorship through Compassion. It might be reckless to commit to $38/month with no income. But I know the Lord and saw His hand in this decision long before I signed the check. I trust He will provide, and I've seen Him do so already. If that means I have to eat peanut butter and jelly for a week (I hate pbj) so Smile can eat rice and beans, so be it.


Anonymous said...

Hey my name is Tay lol and well I guess this is random but I choose to sponsor a child too today. Honestly it must have been the Holy Spirit because I was just online doing research for topics for a speech and I came across someones blog about Compassion International. Then I decided to go see what it's like on their website, and I saw the pictures of the little children. I came across one in particular and just couldn't leave the site not knowing this child had a sponsor. So I choose to click that button and sponsor her lol. And like you I have no job but I do have quite a bit of money saved up. I've been doing all this Christmas gift shopping and thought if I could spend all this money on others why can't I spend money on this little one too. Lol I'm sorry for writing so much but your post reminded me of myself. I need a new phone too mine is from 2008 I think lol but at least it works. :) thanks for posting this such a blessing.

Brittany said...

I found your blog through your comment on She Seeks, and I love it! Loved this post, too. Can't wait to read more.

Katie said...

Tay- Thank you for your obedience to God's nudging and for making a difference with what you've got!

Brittany- Welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

<>< Katie

Ashley Mays said...

You KNOW it puts a smile on my face every time someone else sponsors a Compassion kid. So happy for you and "Smile". :-)

PS: I'm in the same boat as far as cell phones go. And I'm happy to be there.

brimichelle said...

Katie, I loved this post! Nothing brings more joy to my heart than reading or hearing stories of how God is working. He did a mighty work in you and I am encouraged and challenged by your faith!