Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bee-lieve It's Possible

I saw him and immediately knew we were about to have a problem. He crashed into the glass every few inches all the way down the double-hung window of "my office."

It isn't really my office. It's the office one of my coworkers let me borrow because she was out for the day. Since air conditioning is not my friend, I opened the window two inches and watched the bee find the very small gap.

He flew into my office, and I shrugged. Not the first bee I've shared a workspace with, and I'm sure it won't be the last. It was pretty creepy looking, though.

I began to contemplate my options:

1. Kill him. Provided he flew low enough and I had a good smack with whatever device I could find. I've got a great track-record of hitting bees with tennis rackets, but my racket was in my other computer bag.

2. Let him be. He'd buzz around my office for awhile before venturing out into the building to bother coworkers, some of whom I know full well are very allergic to bees.

3. Let him out. Right. The window was open two inches. He barely made it in. There was no possible way he'd make it out.

For a few minutes I watched him fly. He wasn't coming low enough for me to smack much less kill. Maybe I should mention the window's opening was knee-height. It seemed impossible.

I knew I could not handle the bee situation. I did the only thing I knew how to do: I prayed.

It seemed silly to pray over a bee in a building (especially one who wasn't bothering me). But I did it. It was a simple, selfish prayer, too. It went something like this:

Hey, God, please get that bee back outside through the window. Thanks. Oh, yeah, I love You.

I went back to work. Not two minutes later I looked over and watched the bee repeatedly crash into the window, nowhere near the opening.

All of the sudden something happened. Something traumatic happened in the little bee's short life.

He fell.

In between the window panes.

He was stuck, so I seized the opportunity. I grabbed the best thin weapon I could find, and shoved my notebook down the gap between the panes.

I never touched the bee.

He flew upside down and backwards. Neither one of us are really sure how it happened, but all of the sudden he was outside again.

I could almost hear him rejoicing as he flew away.

I was rejoicing too.

I had asked God to get the bee out through the window. He did. But it definitely wasn't in a way I could have anticipated. I never even thought about the bee getting trapped between the panes and escaping out the hole.

I expected him to miraculously find the same two inches he flew in through. I knew God could make that happened.

He did even better, He shot the bee out through an even smaller hole.

The bee situation was more than just a chance for God to show off. (He can do that; He created the universe).

It was a reminder to me to pray about everything. Not just the big things. Not just the things that are struggles for me. Not just the things that will alter my life.

I am not bothering the Creator of the universe when I ask Him to rid the office of a measly bee. In fact, I think He enjoyed it. I know He enjoyed the praise I gave Him afterwards.

Well done, Lord.

<>< Katie

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