Wednesday, May 16, 2012


One year ago today I received the most expensive piece of paper in my life to date. I guess I became Katie Axelson, BA.

But I didn't really celebrate.

Sure, I took a plethora of photos, carried some flowers, and enjoyed a nice lunch tailgate. Yet I was more overwhelmed with packing and moving involuntarily across the country.

I never want to go through a year like this again, but I am grateful for the lessons I learned, the ways God proved His faithfulness, and the new opportunities that have opened up.

Since I was too busy crying to celebrate last year, I'm going to celebrate this year. Better late that never, right?

My celebration involves a major announcement:

I have a new blog!

Just as moving across the country physically is messy, moving across the cyberworld is messy too. The new blog's not pristine and perfect yet. There are some kinks I'm still working on (but if you want to point them out, that's fine).

Unlike moving in real life, I get to take you all with me on my move! Be sure to set your bookmarks, subscribe to, whatever to because otherwise I'll miss you.

And you'll miss fun stuff like Jesus Worldwide, book reviews, God moments, and who knows what other fun-ness we'll explore.

Thanks, friends, you're great!
<>< Katie

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