Friday, December 26, 2008

Wii Reflections

My parents got us a Wii for Christmas. Or at least that's what they say. I think they really bought themselves a Wii. They even gave it to us early so I "have time to play before going back to school" (aka they couldn't wait to get it out from under the tree). Proof of my conclusion is that they even brought it to my grandparents' house this weekend.

We were bowling, playing pass the remote. My grandpa is a really good bowler in real life and in Wii world he wasn't too shabby either. In fact, he bowled a plethora of strikes. Boppy bowled a strike and my uncle (to be! Yay!) bowled next. He, too, bowled a strike and we were very impressed. (Greg's not a big bowler).

"I was just watching Jim," he said about my grandpa.

Next it was Grandma's turn. She bowled well but it was not a strike.

"I was just watching Greg," she said about my uncle.

We all laughed, but God spoke to me at that moment. No matter how great of a bowler Greg is, Boppy will always be better. Even if Grandma had made each move exactly the same way as Greg, she may not have bowled a strike. After all, Greg's strike was just luck (love ya, Greg!). If Grandma had watched Boppy instead she may have bowled a strike. His movements were true. Greg's were copied.

Sometimes we watch earthly leaders thinking they're good enough. True, they may be close to God. It's always important to fill our lives with Godly mentors, but we also need to look to our Heavenly Father for the best guidance. Everyone here on earth is just trying to be like God. Why should we watch them instead of watching Him?

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