Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cat-Like Claws

Fellow cat-owners understand the constant battle between cat and master. My aunt's cat, Tiki, thinks she's the ruler of the house. After all, she sits around all day guarding the palace while the serfs are sent out for food. They refill her water bowl. They feed her. And they have no other purpose but to pet her to her heart's content.

We were sitting around my aunt and uncle's table the other day just chatting. All of our eyes were on the cat sitting at the table with us as she chewed her toenails (doesn't the cat know that is not appropriate dinner table behavior?)

Poor Tiki was frustrated with her toenails because they were too long and she couldn't chew them down again. As soon as my aunt pulled out the clippers, however, Tiki fled. She hissed and scratched to get free from my aunt's clippers. It was as if the uncomfort of having long claws was worth it. Ultimately, my aunt was successful in clipping Tiki's toenails.

Later on, Tiki was ecstatic that her toenails were clipped. She pranced around like she owned the place. Forgetting the trial she had to go through to be comfortable again. Forgetting the assistance of my aunt that was less than pleasant but ultimately led to better days.

How often do we do the same thing as Tiki? Do we think we are the master of the house and God is only there to fill our food and water bowls? He'll do more than merely provide our daily bread, if you'll let Him.

Do we hate our lifestyle (our long toenails) and desire change. Yet we often are more upset when God tries to change our very problem. In the end, the change was worth it, but it was a struggle to go through it.

Let Him be the King of the world. Let Him be the King of your life. Let Him wash your feet and clip your toenails.

<>< Katie

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