Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Savior, The Seat Belt, The Superdome

A snapshot from my time at the LCMS National Youth Gathering.  See the first post here.

The Savior
On my way to New Orleans, I flew alone.  I am no stranger to being a party of one, but I have rarely felt as lonely as I did on that airplane.  I was frantically searching for someone else headed in my direction.  Every time I passed someone about my age, I looked at them with expectant eyes as if to say, "Are you my savior?  Will you share a taxi with me?  Will you help me figure out where to go?"  Ultimately, I got on a shuttle for $20 and made it to the hotel fine and by myself.  It was as if God was saying, "No, I AM your Savior."

The Seat Belt
My plane had a layover but I did not switch planes.  On the first leg of my journey, the woman seated in front of me noticed she was missing half of her seat belt.  Since she didn't want to be reseated, she didn't say anything to the flight attendant.  On the continuing flight into New Orleans, a little boy had that seat.  Of course, his mother was not thrilled about her son flying without a seat belt.  She called the flight attendant who quickly came over and put the new seat belt together.  A simple fix.

That's life.  We try and hide things from God and solve it on our own.  We literally try to fly by the seat of our pants as we attempt to take our lives into our own hands.  We can't.  As soon as we admit that and say, "Help!"  He does.  Maybe it's not a simple fix, but it's no longer our problem.*

The Superdome
Five years ago, it served as a shelter during Hurricane Katrina.  People died here.
Five hours ago, it was so empty you could converse across it and be heard.
Now, it is the home of the Superbowl Champions.
Now, it is filled with 25,000 youth praising God!
The saints are marching into the home of the Saints.

<>< Katie

*When I shared this (what I considered to be a mediocre) metaphor with my group, they loved it.  It kind of became a challenge to see who could come up with the best metaphor for the day.  Everyone always compared their metaphors to it in terms of, "this one isn't as good as the seat belt metaphor."  They ultimately said I should write a book of them... Wouldn't that be cool?


Anonymous said...

Encouraged by your youth conference. Check out blog of Sports Producer/Christian writer Dave Burchett's blog. You may enjoy his stuff. Safe travels.
M- friend of rz

PatriotPaul said...

Enjoyed reading this article as I was a San Diego tourist who couldn't get out of the city in 2005. (The Airport, Amtrak, and Greyhound all shut down a day before the evacuation.)

Anyway the Superdome was my "savior" during Katrina, in spite of the horrific conditions there.

Paul Harris
Author, "Diary From the Dome, Reflections on Fear and Privilege During Katrina"