Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Unusual Joy

All of the following are real quotes from one person's mouth.
  •  "We should eat eight of the elderly because then we wouldn't have to go buy more prizes."
  • "Ohh!  Ambulance parking.  We could park there.  Bob, turn on your lights!" [Bob drives a minivan]
  • "Men don't have hair."
  • "I want to eat my words because I didn't have breakfast, and I'm hungry."
  • "AH!  You just decapitated me again."
  • "I had a dream last night that I actually behaved at youth group.  Thank goodness it was only a dream!"
  • "There are dominoes in my shorts!"
  • "Look!  That tree is moving.  Oh, wait, the bus is moving."
  • "Naked!  Hehehe Silly!  Plethora, giggle, tomatoes." [This was a text message sent to the wrong person]
  • "Ew!  Rick Warren!"
  • "What does 'nagivet' mean?"
  • "ATHANASIAN CREED!  Exploring His manhood?  Oh!  This creed is dirty!"
  • "That's why I make out with Katie: she goes to seminary next week."  [That is what we heard.  What she really said was: "That's why I hang out with Katie: she leaves for school next week."]
  • "I don't need caffeine.  I'm pre-caffeinated."
Who REALLY says these kinds of things?

The same girl who was on the jumbotron speaking whale...

One of my anonymous readers... Melissa Joy Noel.

She's been begging me for a birthday blog for years, and I'm really not sure what to say to the girl who threw herself a 19th birthday party at the city pool.  We played with shaving cream and silly string on the playground...

I think for her birthday I will donate blood because I'm eligible for the first time ever.  Then I'll give her the information pamphlet.  I can just hear her reading it, "Definition of sexual content... AHHHH!!! ... whether or not a hmmmhmmm is used... EWWWW!!!"

I love Melissa.  She brings unusual joy into my life.  Selflessness, a strange sense of humor, and silly string.  What more does a person really need?

<>< Katie


Anonymous said...

YAYYYYYYYY! Thank you for the birthday blog! I will frame it and keep it forever. :)
However, sad day! I forgot to get a blood donation pamphlet! :(
Thanks for being an awesome friend!

MeliBelly said...

Woot. I'm no longer anonymous! I finally bit the bullet and signed-up for an account.