Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Great Things

I was thinking about next year and how I don't have any idea where I'm headed in May.  I've sent MFA applications to five schools around the country.  The closest to home is six hours away.  The closest to here is five hours away.  Of all five schools, the one with the closest family friends is three hours, my friend Rebecca's extended family.

I began to think about Rebecca's little sister Kaitlyn who's finally on the uphill climb in her horrific battle with Lyme Disease.  She has miraculously regained mobility but remains hyper-sensitive to touch, sound, light, smells, etc.  She's made huge steps (no pun intended) but has a long way to go.

Katie: God, You've given her such a great testimony of spiritual strength through physical weakness.  You're going to do such great things with Kait!  I'm so excited to see it!
God: Actually, Katie, I'm not going to wait until she's healed to do great things with her.  I'm doing great things with her right now.  I'm using her as she is, where she is.

I began to think about how God can and is doing the same things in each of our lives.  He's not waiting until we're healed, until we're in a middle-of-nowhere grad school, until we're all put together.

He is using us right now, where we are, as we are.

Being used,
<>< Katie

PS: For more about Kaitlyn's story, check out her caringbridge.  You do have to register for the site but it's open to anyone with a (free) CaringBridge account.

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Confocious said...

nice philosophy Katie :)