Friday, May 6, 2011

Bug Bites

"Let's bless the food," Neal said.

"Daddy, will you pray for my bug bites to stop hurting?" asked his five year old daughter.

He nodded and blessed our food, making no mention of her bug bites.

A few hours later, our mission team was sharing about what God has done in our lives since we've returned from Nicaragua.  She raised her hand and again asked that he pray for her bug bites.

Neal kindly put his finger over his mouth signaling for her to be quiet.

Five year olds aren't very good at being quiet.  She tried.  She cuddled with a college student.  She sat in her mother's lap.  She again asked that we pray for her bug bites.

I could not help but admire her persistence.  And her faith! She knew her bug bites were itchy and rather than begging her mom for anti-itch cream, she begged her dad for prayer.

I know all too often we prefer prayer to be the last result.  We don't want to go to God with requests we think too minute to bother an Eternal God with.

First Thessalonians tells us to pray without ceasing.  I'm pretty sure that doesn't mean "only pray after you've tried to fix the problem yourself."  I'm pretty sure that doesn't mean "only pray about important things."  I'm pretty sure pray without ceasing means pray always, always present your requests and concerns to God, hold constant conversation with Him.

Before the night was out, we did pray for her bug bites.  And God didn't think her request petty.

<>< Katie

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So great! Thanks for sharing! :)