Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stump the Pastor

During Confirmation class we used to play this game called Stump the Pastor.  The object of the game was for a confirmand to ask the pastor a question he was incapable of answering.

Among other things, we learned that our pastors know their stuff!  We also learned they're good at being put on the spot.

During games of Stump the Pastor I don't remember ever seeing a pastor be truly stumped.  On a related question, of course.  No fair asking how many ridges are on the side of a quarter.

However, since that instance, I have seen two pastors stumped.

I thought it was a simple question.  Nothing about eschatology or an Old Testament prophet.  Nothing that requires an M. Div. or a D. Min.  It's a question I'm asked regularly and usually I come up with a suitable answer.  The same question has stumpt two different ministers.

The question, you ask?

How can I pray for you?

Pastors spend so much time being the prayer warriors and encouragers, that sometimes they don't know how to respond when asked how how others can pray for them.

Take a minute today and pray for your pastor, divinity school student, or spiritual leader.  Ask them how you can best pray for them.  Encourage them; tell them you appreciate them.  It's such a simple task that's all too often forgotten.

Friends, how can I pray for you?

<>< Katie

PS: Blogger killed this post, so I re-wrote it to the best of my ability... Sorry if it reads differently then it once did.

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Casey said...

Great post! It is so easy
To just forget our pastors/spiritual leaders/etc., in the chaos of life - thanks for the reminder!

As for me... I suppose, pray that I do more than know about Jesus, but that I know Him more deeply. How amout you?