Monday, May 16, 2011

Perfect Timing

As my days on campus are winding down, I'm using every minute of them to be with friends.  (As I'm sure you noticed with my lack of participation in social media outlets).

Our Suite Day ended earlier than anticipated, so I texted Stacy and asked if she wanted to play tennis.  I had about a little over an hour before I needed to be ready for dinner.

She said sure, so we headed to the courts.

There was a storm brewing on the horizon, and we had the perfect spot to watch it roll in.  Based on how often Stacy glanced up at the sky, I could tell she was nervous about this impending storm.

I'm from the Midwest.  I figured we would play until the wind picked up, it started raining, or we saw lightning.

The darker the sky got, the more often we glanced towards it.  In the distance, we could see the rain coming down.  Stacy asked me if I was a daredevil.  I'm not, but I do love watching storms roll in.

We hurried to get stray balls, wasted no time before a serve, and hit as frequently as we could.

Finally Stacy said it would have to be the last rally.

No rain, no wind, no lightning.

I disagreed but complied.  I knew she was more concerned for my safety than her own.  I knew that if something happened to me, she'd somehow contort it to where she, as the adult, was responsible.

In the two minutes it takes to drive back to my apartment, the wind picked up tremendously.  As we entered the breezeway of my building, the first few rain drops fell.

We got back quite literally at the perfect time.

If it hadn't been for Stacy having my best interests at heart, I would have kept playing.  I would have gotten wet.  I would have blown away.  I would have gotten struck by lightning.

If it weren't for God having my best interests at heart, I would not be where I am.  I would keep playing, I would blow away, I would get hurt.

Sometimes obedience is hard.  Ok, a lot of times obedience is hard.  We'd rather risk it and wait the impending storm.

But I fully believe that God has our best interests at heart.  If it is His will, He'll protect us from danger, even if He waits until the last moment to do it.

Even though we may not agree, the best thing we can do is comply to His will.

<>< Katie


StorytellERdoc said...


Awesome post. Perfect in the lesson you conveyed. Me, like you, would much rather stay on the court until I was sopping wet. You have a good friend, and a great faith!

Enjoy your last few days at school!!!


Casey said...

That's a perfect picture of the heart of Christ! I'm right there with you - I'd rather play on the court and get drenched too often. Thanks for sharing!