Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Holiday Central

The problem with holidays is that they happen every year.

The problem with being a blogger is that you're expected to write about holidays... every year. (Is this true?)

Well, yesterday was Valentine's Day and my opinion about the holiday is still the same as last year: I'm still single and love should still be shown 365 days a year not just one and not just by a sweetheart but in every interaction.

Same with Thanksgiving. It's more than a day.

My Christmas tradition doesn't change. (Hence why it's called a "tradition").

And shock of God's power as displayed in Easter morning doesn't get old.

So I'm stuck: what on earth do I write about these events when I've already said everything I can? And if I haven't, someone else has.

Do I ignore them and blog on as if they never happened? Do I repost the same material every year?

What do you think?

<>< Katie

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Lizzie said...

just say happy ________ LOL