Friday, February 10, 2012

Capture the Moment

For Christmas I got a new camera. A nice one. Like super nice. Like my professional photographer uncle did months of the research, and this is his pocket camera.  It’s sweet, and I’m beyond excited about it.

But with a great camera comes great responsibility. Now I have to use it.

No longer will blurry, off-center candids be acceptable. No longer can I only photograph people doing silly things.

Instead, I need to look at the world through the eyes of a photographer.

Have you ever traveled or worked with a photographer? They see the world differently than we do. They notice what we overlook. They capture those sweet moments we can only hold in our hearts.

I consider myself a fairly observant person but compared to a photographer I'm oblivious.

I'm a writer. I should already be striving to capture those little moments, those subtleties that mean so much.

I'm a Christian. I'm supposed to be hearing both what's said and what's left unsaid.

I guess we all have a huge responsibility, no matter the device we hold in our hands or hearts.

Watching, listening, learning, observing,
<>< Katie

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