Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Please Sign My Bible"

I went to a concert a few nights ago. It was more of a sit and listen concert than a stand up and sing concert, which was a little strange for me. The artist was a well-known Christian artist who will remain nameless.

Afterwards, a small group of maybe 30 people gathered waiting for the artist to come out and sign posters, CDs, etc. We waited for at least 45 minutes, unsure if he would appear or not. Finally his manager pulled him out by his ear. Just kidding... a little.

He didn't have much time to give us because he was awaiting an important phone call, but he still took the time out of his busy schedule to sign our papers and take pictures. A group of younger students were in front of me and they were a little over zealous to meet this poor man. Each person had like 10 things for them to sign. They needed pictures of him signing everything as well as with them, group shots, everything. Perhaps they were oblivious to the fact that there were others waiting and he was on a tight schedule. Either way, I was starting to get annoyed.

The tip of the iceberg was when two girls (who'd already had their shirts, CDs, bracelets, etc. sign and taken several photos) asked him to sign their Bibles. He flipped it open and tried to find a certain verse, but his search ended in failure and he just signed the inside cover. That just doesn't sit right with me.

Perhaps it would have been better had he circled a verse and initialed it or something. Surely there has to be a compassionate way to say, "I refuse to sign your Bibles." Either way, now his signature is in the front cover of their Bibles.

The sad thing is now those girls probably won't use their Bibles. That'll be their Famous Artist Bible. Too good to be used because what if it falls apart? What if the signature is smudged? What if it's lost?

Thoughts? Would you sign a Bible?

<>< Katie


JPR said...

Well, maybe they will use them, maybe they won't. Maybe they'll take out their Bibles and look at the sig, but then open a couple (hundred?) pages in and read. You never know. Granted, if they had to go in those few hundred pages to find a verse he signed, might not be so far-fetched.

Then again, you can take the opposite point of view too. Usually, artists sign their own work... I'm pretty sure God wrote the Bible. Not sure how i'd go about getting His signature on it :-)

Katie said...

If Jesus were just chillin' on the street (physically... don't argue with the theoretical), I'd totally walk up to Him and be like, "Sign my Bible". BUT this dude wasn't Jesus. He was a sinful yet dearly loved child of God. Therefore he's kind of signing art that wasn't his. HE PLAGIARIAZED THE BIBLE!