Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So many thoughts, so little time

I'm sorry, I've been a bad blogger! My fellow college students know that midterms and following is the craziest time in a semester because professors try to cram everything in before the semester's out. However, that is no excuse.

Even with all our work and needs to be done, we still need to give time to God. He is more important than anything we're studying in class. Twenty years from now, Snowden's secret in Catch-22 isn't going to matter. God will still matter. Let's give this time to Him!

With that said, I have about four blogs that are in the process of being written (both mentally composed and on here as drafts). Hopefully those completely blogs will come to fruition with in the next couple of days.

God loves you! He thinks you're beautiful!

<>< Katie

"Behold, you are beautiful, My love, you are beautiful." Song of Solomon 4:1a

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