Friday, July 8, 2011

Perfectionist Pen

This year I was asked to help with the rewriting and tweaking of the narrations for our church's patriotic musical.

I listened to the songs on repeat, reading the music and listening.  I puked out thoughts and words before prayerfully putting them into complete, logical sentences.

I let them sit for a few days before rereading them and sending them off to the director.  He thought they were great, so I pushed them from my mind.

I still wasn't pleased.  At the performance, I heard the start of a phrase and my first thought was, "I hope that wasn't my sentence."  It was.  The longer the narration went, the more upset I became.

Katie: Why didn't I read over that once more before sending it in?  A few changed words could have made it better.  That doesn't even make sense!  Why?  Ugh!

God: Fine, then no one can hear it.

And the sound system gave feedback for the first (and only) time all night.  The mic blew and the narrator continued.  When my phrase was over, the narrator's microphone came back on and the program continued.

God: I wrote that; you didn't.  Those words were exactly the way I wanted them to be; I'm using them as they are.  I AM the Writer; you are the pen.

Yes, Lord.

<>< Katie

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