Friday, September 9, 2011

The Kitchen

Just as a kitchen has a variety of utensils, so does life have a variety of people.

We can't all be forks.  We can't all be ladles.  We can't all be cheese graders. 

Sometimes God asks us to be uncomfortable and fill anothers' role.  At that point, He provides the tools necessary to grow you, stretch you, and complete the job for His glory.  As He always does.

The Ladle
Server.  Serves deep, serves well, serves always.

The Cheese Grader
The block of cheese is a big dream.  I love cheese but a block is not practical.  The cheese grader breaks down the dream into manageable slices in order to make it a reality.  Big dream.  Small pieces.  One step at a time.  Cheese grader.

The Fork
The fork gets the credit but a lot has to happen before everyone sees the fork move from here to there.  The fork's the missionary.  But being a fork isn't always glamorous.  Would you want to be drown in saliva?

What else can we add to the kitchen?

<>< Katie

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