Monday, March 1, 2010

Hockey, hockey, hockey

Even though I love and miss my family I don't get homesick a lot. I'm too busy keeping up with schoolwork to realize it's been two months since I've seen my parents. That is, until this afternoon when I was watching the US-Canada gold metal hockey game when reality hit like load of bricks.

I could picture the scene in my mind. My sisters and my parents all gathered in the family room wearing their matching Nashville Predators hockey jerseys. Mine's at home, abandoned in my closet. While I watched the game alone, their Fang Fingers flew in unison and laughter ever-flowing as they repeated our classic hockey jokes. I can even hear my dad taunting my mom.

"I know who wins," he says every time she watching a game.

"No, you don't. It's live!" She teases back, meaning this is not a recorded game from earlier in the week.

True, maybe Dad doesn't know who wins because the game is live. God knows who wins, though. Except the game He knows about isn't just live but life. He knew the US was going to score in the last 24 seconds taking the game in to over time. He knows the grade you'll make on this paper you're stressing about. He knows when Becca's baby will be born (we're hoping for Tuesday because 3-2-10 would be an excellent birthday!). He knows where my missing thumb drive is. You get the picture, right? He knows.

At home, when the game isn't live and Dad really does know who wins, Mom begs him not to tell. She really doesn't want to know; she wants to enjoy the game. Likewise, God isn't telling. In our game of life, we really want to know. Or do we want to enjoy the game?

Even though He isn't telling, God has come along side of us like someone excited to show a friend a hilarious video for the first time. Can't you hear Him? "You have to see this. The funny part is coming. Here it is! Look, look, look! Did you see that? Wasn't that cool!"

He's watching right along side you. He can't wait for you to see what He sees! Trust Him; it's cool!

Oh, and just in case there was question on my loyalties yesterday afternoon... Both teams were at equal strength. Despite being "practically from Canada," I did cheer for the Americans. Although, it did mean I had to cheer against Shea Weber, but Ryan Suter is an American so it evened out. Congratulations on your gold, Canada.

<>< Katie


StorytellERdoc said...

Great post, Katie, although I was bummed out about the outcome! It goes to show you, though, that you can win the battle (like the Americans where in the first game with Canadian) but lose the war! Congrats to the Canadian team for not losing focus.

Anonymous said...

I love how you see God in everything-right where He wants to be, Katie! I'm finally caught up on hockey games, well sort of. I inadvertanly heard the results of two games while watching live the game that broke the three game winning streak! Announcers just have to make comments like that, don't they? Mom