Friday, March 5, 2010

To-do List

In February, sitting on my desk was a to-do list:
  • Email staff writers
  • Read for African American lit
  • Read Playboy of the Western World
  • Read Orchid of the Bayou
  • write poem
  • ILL for class (Inter-library Loan)
  • change oil in car
  • buy ink
  • pointless paperwork

I returned from class to learn my to-do list has been modified:

  • Harass Lizzie Poo about writing her articles
  • Get scoliosis from African American lit book
  • Read Playboy
  • Read about the woman who won't go blind in "Orchard" of the Bayou
  • blog a book review
  • write poems
  • be ill for class
  • clean the apartment
  • sanitize hands
  • blog about it
  • learn to play guitar (more than four chords)
  • blog
  • sanitize door knobs
  • eat cheese
  • blog
  • Wii (but not the skiing Wii)
  • Make cheese dip for sweet suitemates
  • Blog
  • Be mocked by Nikki


Actually, that last one has been crossed off... several times.

For two weeks we kept a sass chart known as "Mockery Madness." Every time someone sassed me they earned a point (except Andy who earned a drawing...). Sassing kind of became a game but we used golf-scoring meaning whoever had the lowest score won.

Our predictions were accurate: Nikki lost by a landslide and Jo won. Nicole didn't really earn her point until after the week was over, but we put it on there anyway since she's never here long enough to sass me. Melia avoided me for two weeks because she didn't want to be a smart alec on accident and get her name on the chart. Danielle earned all of her points in one night. Andy joined several days late and almost came in dead last. Even our campus minister, Neal, found his way on our sass chart. Unfortunately no one remembers what he said but we remembered it was really good and I threw a grape at him to retort.

After a few days we decided we needed a new category: physical sass. These points are exactly what they sound like: someone touched me for the sole purpose of being a vexation. Physical touch is valued in our apartment and hugs, back rubs, and new hairdos are welcome. On the other hand, being poked while trying to stand still on the Wii, being hit in the face with a goldfish (cracker), having my cell phone stolen, being assaulted with a bouncy ball, and being kicked in the back of my knee just so I fall over are not welcome.

I should be honest: we all pick on each other. However, I have a different accent and unique diction than the rest of my friends, so I'm an easy target. It's really not fair. Just because I can use words like "TYME machine" and "schluck" does not give you permission to mock me. :-) Oh, and I get mocked for sounding too northern so I throw in a "hey yall" and get mocked for sounding too southern. I just can't win!

It was during these two weeks of Mockery Madness that we decided mocking is a love language, at least in my life. Every person that sassed me did it because they love me. In fact, every single one of them took a moment throughout the week to also build me up and encourage me. Maybe the encouragement doesn't happen as frequently as the sass does, but that's ok as long as the both exist.

After all, if we're going to call each other brothers and sisters in Christ, we need to fight like brothers and sisters do. Make sure your sibling rivalries aren't one-sided. Build each other up in brotherly love, too. (Yes, I'm preaching to myself, Mom, I know).


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Anonymous said...

We would get some mockery points for conversation on Saturday, but of course it was all in love! Mom