Friday, March 19, 2010

Words are my Friends

We interrupt this program to bring you some important information...
First off, I got sick of the dots.  What do you think of the new page?  I'm still not completely happy with it.
Secondly, I can't find spell check on this new blogger.  Five points if you can tell me where it is.
Thirdly, I had already written this blog when I heard this quote.  It needs to be shared.
"It doesn't matter what you've heard, impossible is not a word. It's just a reason for someone not to try." - Kutless in their song "What Faith Can Do"

And now back to your feature presentation...

I don't think I'm alone in this, but to me words have connections. Typically it's the first time I heard/understood them but it's also when a word is very well used that it forms an association in my brain.  Some of them were teacher-enforced (Prussia: big army), but most of them aren't.
Here are some examples:
  • "Gregarious" will forever be associated with my dad's friend Greg who kept talking, preventing Dad from helping me study for my 9th grade vocabulary test.
  • "Gumption" will always remind me of a homeless man requesting a fish sandwich.
  • "Vulnerable" always takes me back to 8th grade history when we were forced to memorize "Vulnerable: exposed or unprotected."
  • "Verbose" is my former headmaster.
  • "Vex" is what my flying monkey does to Bob.
Do you have words that are only associated with God?  Besides the typical church-y words like "holy" and "divine" I can't think of any off of the top of my head.  I'm sure there are some, so I'll keep thinking.

Some words have connections, and some people have favorite words.  We all know Melissa loves "plethora" and "fruition," but what about everyone else?  Personally, I'm always looking for a great excuse to use the word "brouhaha."  Mark (the mortician) loves the word "ointment."  Most of my school friends like to hear me say words like "Chicago" and "pansy" because they emphasize my accent.  Five points to anyone (who isn't Natalie) that can correctly use the word "perspicacity" without looking it up.  Do you have a favorite word?

The psalmist did.  In Psalm 75 he(?) admits God's name is his favorite word.

"We thank You, God, we thank You.  Your name is our favorite word, Your mighty works are all we talk about." (Ps. 75:1 MSG)

Does this verse ring true in your life?  Is God's Name your favorite word?  Is it even a part of your active vocabulary?  What is your favorite name for Him?

In my Bible (yes, the Message today, sorry) it doesn't say which name for God is used here.  My guess would be "Elohim."  Personally, that's not my favorite name for God.  I'm a bit partial to "Abba" or the Aramaic for "Daddy." 

Just like in different situations we need different words because of their associations and connotations, at different points in our life we need names for God.  What name do you need today?

<>< Katie


Steve Caruso said...

Quick correction:

Despite being a popular belief, "abba" does not mean "daddy."

If this were the case, we might expect to see other words in the Greek New Testament where it is translated, such as "pappas" (Greek for "daddy") where instead we find "ho pater" (which simply means "father").

Attested forms for "daddy" in Aramaic include, "papi," "baba" and "abbi" depending on dialect.

More about this (with some more information about the origins of this common anecdote) can be found here:


StorytellERdoc said...

Katie, good post. I think the shock-value name I hear in regards to God is "she," and its feminizing terms. I'm cool with it all but, being raised in a conservative environment, God as a "she" still needs some time to settle in. Although, could a man really create all this? Wouldn't there be more goof-ups? LOL

Your new blog look is fine. If I can be honest, I miss the old. But I'm a changing with the times!

Hope you are well.

Katie said...

Steve, that's very interesting. Thanks!

Jim, I'm from a conservative background, too, so the idea of God as a female really challenged me. I've finally decided He's genderless so if someone wants to pray to a female God so be it. I've got a (male) friend who refers to God as "she." It throws my ear for a loop, but I accept it. Personally, I prefer to see Him as a man (well, except when I have "woman issues" then that's a bit weird).

Yeah, I like the lighthouse, but I miss the dots, too. So we'll see; I'll give it some time but they might come back. :-)

<>< Katie

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Holy comments!
I'm flattered that I'm in your blog! Yay plethora and fruition! Silly Message. :)