Sunday, October 17, 2010

I have been rejected

As part of my English major, I have to take a Communications class.  Someone please explain that one to me.  All I know is I would much rather write about donating blood or girls tumbling from walls than yesterday's bank robbery on 15th and Main St.

My optimistic attitude about this class quickly moved to dislike.  I even mentioned it to one of my English professors.
Professor: You know, you could have taken Poetry Writing instead of Communications Class.
Katie: I know, but I thought this would have been the lesser of the two evils.
Professor: You would have had more fun in the other evil.

Well, I think out of boredom, some of very clever lines have flowed through my fingers in this class.  And let me tell you, they're not about the hit-and-run that happened around 10pm last night...

The professor handed us a speech asked us to write an article about it, and said, "You're going to like this one."  I'm not sure if it was out of spite for the professor or spite for the class, but I was determined for prove him wrong.  It was pretty easy.  This was a Steve Jobs speech, and I'm a Windows girl.  The irony is that this post was written from a Mac.

With a Shaun Groves post about fear pulled up as an incentive to finish the assignment, I began to read the speech.  Naturally, I did everything my English background told me to do: critique, analyze, examine.  Well, that's apparently a big no-no for journalism, but I didn't really care.  I figured I would turn the filter on later.

Somewhere around the middle of the speech, I moved from loathing the assignment to tolerating it.  Although I did not agree with all of the theology, Jobs was making good points.

"I had been rejected, but I was still in love," he said.
Jobs was talking about being fired from his own company, but I think that's a line that can be applied to a plethora of different aspects of life.

"I had been rejected, but I was still in love."

For me, the application that shines through most clearly is in writing.  I submitted a piece that I thought was a sure-thing, but it was rejected.  That's a hard pill to swallow, especially for someone who can't swallow pills.

"I had been rejected, but I was still in love."

I was rejected, but I still love to write.  Just like Jobs continued to pursue a dream that eventually turned into the development of Pixar and NeXT, I am continuing to pursue a dream.  Who knows where it will turn out. 

This is what I do know: God gave me a passion for writing.  It is one of my strengths.  There is no way that He isn't going to use it for His glory.  I am willing to suffer through every Communications class required for my English major just to see that come to fruition.

<>< Katie


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StorytellERdoc said...

Perfect...thoroughly well done and thought out. I think your diligence and love of the written word will provide some of your greatest accomplishments, Katie!

JPR said...

Yeah, Macs aren't the best, but Windows is worse. Embrace your Linux side :-P

JPR said...

And, to Anonymous, MACADAMIA!!!!!

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