Wednesday, October 20, 2010

For His Glory

I've been looking for God moments in my own life and I haven't been smacked in the face with any. However, I've recently heard three "Yay, God" stories. None of them are mine, but they give me goose bumps every time I tell them. Feel free to add your own!  God is good. <>< Katie

1. A female friend of mine attends a public university. She and one of her female friends were at a party in a dorm, when they needed some fresh air. The two of them stepped outside alone and were approached by two men. Naturally, these girls got nervous about the situation and began to pray for their safety. The men introduced themselves as Christians on campus who walk around and ask how to best pray for their classmates.

2. Another college student friend needed to go home for an event. She had intended to go home in the morning but made a spontaneous decision to travel home the night before instead. That night she went to bed around midnight; her grandfather was still up watching tv. At three in the morning, she woke up suddenly and could not fall back to sleep. She decided to get up to get a drink of water and noticed the living room light was still on. She went in and found her grandfather asleep on the floor. She woke up her mom and told her to tell him to go to bed. Grandpa was responsive but not really coherent, so they woke up Grandma. Grandma said that wasn't normal and at four in the morning they called 911. Grandpa had gone into diabetic shock and if God hadn't woken up my friend at 3am, her grandfather would have died.

3. Wife made "a big oops" regarding the family's finances. A bill hadn't been paid correctly and the correction ended up to be a huge sum of money that needed to be paid now. This left the family with less than $15 for a food budget to last a little over a week.  Husband said he would scrounge up whatever he could find for a week, not a big deal. Wife, on the other hand, is pregnant and therefore needed substantial food. He told her to keep eating normally, everything would turn out alright, God would take care of them. They had no idea how, but they stepped out on faith that He would provide. They didn't tell anyone about their hardship. That week, a woman came up to Husband while he was at work. She said, "You and your family have been such a blessing to me. I want to show my appreciation." She handed him a grocery bag. Inside were a dozen eggs, a jar of homemade jam, and a loaf of homemade bread.  God provided.


Que bonita! said...

wow those are so encouraging and amazing!
thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Wow! I feel so special. I'm in the blog post! It is awesome how God works.