Monday, October 4, 2010

The Mirror

Sometimes I want to have a "Did you know?" blog series.  My brain is filled with random things that I enjoy making people stop and go "Wait, what?" 

Did you know, watermelon floats?
Did you know, shaving cream cleans tables?
Did you know, dry erase markers write on mirrors?

The other morning, I stumbled into the bathroom to find two notes.
"Amy, I'm not going to class.  It's a stress/sleep thing.  Love, Liz."
"Jen, you're beautiful.  Love, Nikki."
Still half asleep, I brushed my teeth and didn't think anything of it.

Ten minutes later I ventured into the bathroom again and found a whole new set of notes.
We love you!  We hope you have a wonderful day!  Your beautiful face here: : )
PS: Please wash the mirror.
The mirror was covered in purple notes!  And my sweet suitemates earned their keep.  Their simple action put a smile on my face all day long.

Do something simple and make someone's day today.

PS: I didn't wash the mirror.

<>< Katie

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