Friday, October 22, 2010


A long time ago I said if you all were nice to me I would post some fiction.  I haven't forgotten that promise but I have not fulfilled it either.  Until now.  Ta-da!  It's just a first draft (well, second if you count the version in my Writer's Notebook). Inspired by a couple I saw for ten seconds while people watching in the airport.  <>< K

Juggling a cranky toddler in one arm and an overfull diaper bag with the other, Samantha slowly made her way down the airport concourse.


His booming voice made her insides swell with excitement.  Had it really only been four days?  She felt like she had been gone for four years.  Even though she had not yet found Brad in the crowd, she knew they were close because Alexi squirmed more with every step Samantha took.  Finally Samantha saw him.  His big white smile, deep blue eyes, and shaggy brown hair.  She could get lost staring at him.

Alexi flew out of Samantha's arms and fell into her father's chest.  Samantha watched as Brad nuzzled his face into Alexi's hair.  If ever there had been a doubt regarding this father's love for his daughter, this moment eliminated it.

"Hey, Beautiful," he said to Samantha.  He stepped forward and kiss her on the forehead.  With his free arm he wrapped her into him.  Letting the diaper bag fall to the ground, she gripped his back with both hands and breathed in his scent.  She loved being held firmly in his embrace.

Alexi let out a giggle and leaped backwards, almost throwing herself to the ground.  Brad let go of his wife and shifted his attention back to the baby.  He entertained Alexi while Samantha claimed their stroller and large suitcase with a heavy tag, again she questioned if the trip had truly only been four days.  She reassembled the stroller and threw the diaper bag into the seat.  There would be no removing Alexi from her daddy's arms anytime in the near future; they both would protest if Samantha tried.


Samantha nodded.  She pushed the stroller with her left hand and pulled the suitcase with her right.  The three of them headed out the door.  Samantha was ready to get home.  Ready to relax on her own couch, cuddle with her husband, and let him take care of the baby.  She didn't think he'd mind.

As they stepped into crosswalk, Brad switched Alexi to his right arm and reached for the suitcase with his left hand.  Samantha let him take the weight, but she did not remove her hand.  She wrapped her pinky around his and held on as they walked to the car.


Kristin said...

Katie!!! Love this. *More please*
I can so relate to the airport w/ a stroller. lol.

JPR said...

Very picturesque writing about a really brief encounter between two characters we know nothing about. Well crafted!

Casey said...

I love this - you should post more! :)