Friday, October 29, 2010

Self-Serve Ice Cream

When it comes to upper body strength, I'm a weakling.  Lift this heavy item?  No, thanks.  Do a pull up?  Yeah, right.  When you're a weakling, you need tricks.  You wedge your hip against the ice cream cooler and pull, with two hands if necessary.

Most days, that works.  Yesterday not so much.  I've scooped myself a lot of ice cream over the last three plus years, and I will say this was honestly the hardest I've ever seen the ice cream.  After five minutes of struggling I still didn't even have a spoonful.

"It's really hard today.  We just put in the new buckets," said the male voice behind me.  "Do you want me to give it a try?"

Out of breath, I turned and surrendered my scoop... to our executive chef.

You know those people who are always smiling and have a kind word?  I call them "Radiators" because they radiate love, grace, and compassion.  Our executive chef is one of them.

He took the scoop and half-disappeared into the cooler.  He came up for a breath and gave me an "Oh my gosh!" look before diving in for a second go.

The executive chef stopped what he was doing (probably refilling the dessert tray, explaining to Nikki the science behind why the alfredo sauce looks like gravy, or making something delicious at the end of the salad bar) to serve me from the self-serve ice cream.  I did nothing to deserve his help but he saw a need and sought to satisfy it.

Ladies and gentlemen, that's is exactly what God calls us to do.  Stop what we're doing and offer to help.  See needs, no matter how big or how small, and satisfy them.  To serve one another, even if that means putting our other responsibilities on hold.

Thank you, Mr. Executive Chef, for the reminder.  And for the ice cream.

<>< Katie

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JPR said...

Executive Chefs are pretty much the best. Ours is named Helmut and he drives a Miata... and will hold a conversation in German with you as you go through line :-D