Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Homeless Man

This story made the Gathering website, but I'd like to tell it again.  Although not directly involved in the story, I was in that line of people wearing an orange shirt and a green backpack.  I also witnessed the connection of the dots later in the day.  It was a powerful moment.
<>< Katie

Planting- 6:45am
Lisa noticed a homeless man on her way to the convention center.  She asked how he was, and he said he guessed he was ok because he was alive.  She had to continue her walk, so she said, "Jesus loves you."

Sowing- 6:50am
Unaware of the previous interaction, Sarah was caught off guard when the homeless man looked at her, continued the conversation, and said, "But why does Jesus love me?"  She struggled for a minute before telling him about God's love and being God's child.

Reaping- 6:55am
A few minutes later Andrew, also unaware, walked by on his way to the convention center.  The homeless man shouted to him, "Jesus loves you."  Andrew smiled at the homeless man's faith.

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