Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

We all say funny things.  Some of us more than others.  <>< Katie

Dad: I'm booking your hotel for Festival.
[This was literally two days after Festival...he clarified it was for 2011]
Laura: Mom said you already did that.
Dad: Yeah, well, hotels are weird.  Sometimes you have to call them twice.

Random Guy in the Post Office: You don't need a passport to visit Hawaii, do you?  Because it's in the same country, right?

Katie: What's the purpose of a foyer?
Mom: To welcome your friends into your house.
Katie: Last time I had a friend over it was October.  And we came in through the garage.
Mom: I'm sorry your friends don't live in this country.

Christina: What's another word for "mouth" that starts with a "b"?
Laura: Orifice.
Christina: That's it!

Peder: Hey, Festival, love your lawn chair.  Hug your lawn chair.  Take your lawn chair home with you otherwise it will go into the lawn chair morgue, and we don't want that.  We love our lawn chairs.  You can bring your lawn chair back at noon tomorrow.

[Easter Sunday morning]
Katie: What's in your pocket?
Andy: My pocket knife.
Katie: Why?
Andy: In case I need to cut something.
Katie: What are you cutting in church?
Andy: Who knows: sandwiches, pickles, leaves, people--I'm trained to handle that.
Katie: It's wrong to cut people.
Andy: What about surgeons?  They cut people.
Katie: That's a slightly different situation.
Andy: You're a slightly different situation.
Katie: So you're bringing your knife to church because we're going to have surgery in our church clothes?
Andy: No, they cut those off.

Mom: Tina, get the blue laundry basket off of the... um... what's it called?... um...
Katie: Chair.  Washing machine.  Couch.  Counter.  Mantel.
Mom: Deck!
Katie: I'm glad you figured it out on your own because I would have been shouting nouns at you for a long time before I came up with that one.

[a facebook conversation... no photo involved]
Brother One: Brother!  Nobody wants to see your poop!
Brother Two: Please?
Katie: I bet your dad's interested.
the dad: I'm as interested as Katie is.
Katie: I like poop stories better, thanks.

Sarah: I sleep in pajamas most nights.

[on the bus back from the NYG]
Katie: Pastor Russ, I don't have ample floorspace back here, so I put my flip flops under your seat.  If they slide up there, just kick them back to me, please.
Pastor Russ: If they slide up here, I'm throwing them in the garbage.
Katie: That's fine, but then I get to wear your shoes.
PR: Good thing I only have four different types of foot fungus.

[Mom had just used some relatively normal medical term... Christina's in high school]
Christina: I know I'm going to be a nurse and I should know what that means, but I haven't taken physics yet.

Uncle Bill: What are you holding?  A zucchini?  A cucumber?
Uncle Jay: A carrot?
Dad: A grape?
Uncle Jay: With elephantitis!
[it was a potato... a normal potato.... now forever known as a grape with elephantitis]

Christina: Daddy, why were you at the doctor?
Dad [creepy voice]: Bahlud.  Vampries.  Bahlud.
Christina: Did they take a pint?
Dad [serious voice]: A quart.  Might have been a half-gallon.
Christina: Oh.

Pastor Seth: Have you gotten dinner?
Katie: I ate lunch at like 3.
PS: So you had lunner?

Mom: I need a Rav-4 Brochure.
Katie: I don't know what that means.
Mom: A Rav-4 is a car and a brochure is a little booklet.
I took her all of the little booklets I could find.

Speaker Dude: Your story isn't about you.  Look it up.  [pointing to a Bible]

Nikki: Keith!  I think I'm sick, I've blogged twice in a week and I have two others in draft.
Keith: If that is sick, rush me to the critical care unit.  And bury Katie; she's been dead awhile.

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