Thursday, August 5, 2010

Silly String and Stonings

For my birthday, Melissa gave me the same thing she has given me every year for the past plethora of years: purple silly string. This year, it got opened in "God's front yard" aka the church coffee shop. Naturally, it was mere seconds before we were all covered with purple silly string. Christian was out of the room.

We saw him returning, and I hid around the corner, but he saw my shadow.  Suspicious but unaware of my dangerous weapon, he refused to enter.  After a short impasse, I ran out at him.

"Don't you--"

It was too late.  I, Katie Ax, have showered a pastor with purple silly string in the church atrium.  Of course, Christian wasn't going to let me get away that easily.  He nearly tackled me to usurp the silly string.  I've been in enough "fights" at church to know the woman's bathroom is no sanctuary (pun intended).  Besides, there was no way I was going to outrun him.  And this is still church even if it is Monday night.

Flight wasn't an option.  How do you fight silly string?  I went for the third, less famous option: fetal position.  I fell to the ground in hopes of taking the "tornado position," but I klunked my head on the floor (carpet-covered concrete, in case anyone was ever wondering).  I flailed around for a minute before resolving myself to the fetal position.  We were both laughing.

All of the sudden, Christian's face turned serious.  "And neither do I condemn you.  Go and sin no more."  And he walked away.

I know the relief I felt that minute was absolutely nothing compared to the relief the adulterous woman felt when Jesus told her the same words some two-thousand years ago.  You see, she faced something far worse than silly string.  She faced death by stoning.

We don't know a lot about her.  We know she was caught in adultery.  We don't know where the man is.  We know the Pharisees cared more about trapping Jesus than they did about this woman.  We know Jesus gave her life.
According to the law given by Moses, the punishment for unfaithfulness was death.
We know Jesus showed her mercy.
Mercy: God not giving you what you deserve.
We know know Jesus showed her forgiveness.
Forgiveness: Saying "Yes, what you did was wrong, but I'm going to put it behind us.  I wish you well."
We know Jesus gives us the same.
"And neither do I condemn you," He says.  "Go and sin no more."
And unlike Christian with my silly string, Christ will never seek retaliation.

<>< Katie

PS: Thanks for all of the birthday wishes.  Tuesday's post had a record number of comments: five.  :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey, I had to get you something purple!

Anonymous said...

Dang it. I always forget my password. :)

nikkiraye1218 said...

I going to

nikkiraye1218 said...

help you break

nikkiraye1218 said...

your comment record.

nikkiraye1218 said...

I love you.

Casey said...

I love it - great way to bring the two topics together! And I'm pretty sure that Jesus would give the go-ahead to cover you in silly string... :D

Eyvonne said...

Loved this post!

The title grabbed my attention and your writing kept it! Good job.

Happy (belated)Birthday!!