Friday, August 13, 2010


A few months ago, I read a blog where Stephanie was lamenting the lack of things to write.  One commenter essentially said, "Blogging is a hobby.  The day it become a chore, I quit."  I'd like to offer a rebuttal.

Everything we do, even if we're naturally good at it, requires work.  It takes time and energy.  It takes effort to improve.  Where would we be if we stopped doing everything that was hard?  If I'm in Denver, am I going to stop walking because the thin air makes it hard for me to catch my breath?  No.  I'm going to walk differently than I would in Florida.  I'll take my time, be careful, and drink water.

Yesterday, I added 750 words to my novel.  I think that's the most I've added in all of August.  The lack of words flowing does not mean I've forgotten about or abandoned it.  It means I'm exploring writing prompts, revising poorly crafted sections, and searching for inspiration.  I keep trying even though it's difficult at the moment.

Sometimes being a Christian is difficult.  It's had to give grace when you want justice.  It's hard to be joyful when things aren't going your way.  That doesn't mean you should give up.  It means you should take a deep breath, get a drink of water, slow down, and rejoice in the little victories. 

My pastor nailed it on the head on Wednesday when he said, "Not everyone is going to grow the same way spiritually.  Just because you're not reading your Bible enough doesn't mean you can't be growing spiritually."

If what you're doing is not working, TSD- Try Something Different.  Just because it's hard, doesn't mean you should stop.  Just because words have vanished and eloquence seems to be a thing of the past, does not mean you should stop trying to write.  Just because your spiritual life seems to be stagnant does not mean you have the right to get mad at God, sorry.

Keep trying.  You'll be a stronger person on the flipside.

Agree or disagree?

Keep on truckin',
<>< Katie


Dawn said...

Wow! Agreed :)

Eyvonne said...

Totally agree!

Casey said...

In regards to faith, I definitely agree! But for stuff that I do as a hobby – I don’t think I quite agree. I have no problem quitting something that once brought me joy, and now no longer does. For example: I did dance for 10 years, but when it was harder (and more competitive, etc.) I found it didn’t bring me joy anymore, so I quit – and was happier for it. That led me to fall in love with ASL, which brought me a new joy. I think that concept has the ability to be applied to blogging, or anything else we do. I think the hard part is making sure we’re quitting something for the RIGHT reasons. So I half agree? ;-) Either way, I love that you made me think about it! :D